Heal, from the inside, out.

The investment you make in your health

today will impact you forever. 

You matter. 

Feel Like You Have Tried Everything?

I hear this over and over from clients who are desperate to heal.  They come to us so tired of seeking; only to find more questions than answers.  The medications and their side effects aren't serving them. They are seeking a better way.   If this sounds like you, I can help.

Wellness Intensive 

This program will restore the foundational health of the body.  From this foundation, all healing is possible.  In our telehealth sessions, we create customized supplement programs using targeted nutrition, herbal and homeopathic remedies to support your healing goals.


Monitoring & Coaching

Our interactive and digital Lifestyle Journal allow us to analyze and track measurements, sleep, exercise, and so much more.   


Monitoring & Coaching

Learning how to fuel our body consciously to enable optimum healing is key. Our Five Session Wellness Intensive gives you access to an interactive and digital Food & Mood Journal.  Together, we analyze the data to create optimum health.



  • Look and feel the best you've ever felt

  • Vibrant energy

  • Restful sleep

  • Reduce dependency on medications

  • Understand your body's innate healing power

  • Lower stress levels

  • Restore gut health

  • Greater mental clarity

  • Balanced bloodwork

  • Detoxify

  • Rebuild and strengthen

“Before coming to see Jen I was sluggish, had severe allergies, high blood pressure, was overweight and felt miserable.  Now, I have managed to come off of some of my medications, I've lost 12 pounds, full of energy, and my mood and allergies are improving! Can't wait to finish this healing.”



“Jen takes personal interest in her clients and I have had positive results. My depression is almost non-existent, my pain level was significantly decreased, and I am a healthier individual.”


New Jersey

“I began seeing Jen because I had been struggling with diabetes for many, many years now.  My metformin was up to 2000 mg per day and my blood sugar was still in the 200's. To make matters worse, I also struggled with such frequent urination that I didn't want to go anywhere and would drink as little as possible. The Dr's performed prostate surgery saying this would improve the frequency but there was no change. I am so excited to say that within weeks, the frequent urination was completely gone and I was able to drink as much as I wanted. Shortly after that, I was also able to completely stop my metformin and maintain sugars in the low 100's with many days below that.”




You Are Worth Investing In!

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What You'll Receive

  • One-On-One Sessions

    You will have five sessions over the course of four months. With each session, we will evaluate and customize your supplementation to support optimum healing.

    $600 Value

  • Exclusive Wellness Intensive Course 

    Education is huge. Understanding how your body heals and how to best support that healing is priceless. Each week, you will receive a new module along with a weekly recipe.  The information gained in these 14 health education modules will impact generations. 

    $600 Value

  • 17 Weeks of Nutrition Coaching

    You will receive specific nutrient targets along with the resources to meet them. We will educate, and guide you through the best fuel options for optimal nutrient intake.

    $500 Value

  • Digital Journals

    You will receive access to two digital, and interactive journals to log vital dietary, and lifestyle information.  Track measurements, weight, and even bowel movements!

    $100 Value

  • 2 Weekly Meal Plans 

    Each week will include a shopping list and will be  customized to your nutrient goals.                                                      

    $75 Value

  • Direct Access

    You will have direct messenger access to Jen for questions and better compliance. You will not be alone.                




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Functional Genomics is the study of genes as they exist in your body. It is the study of genes, and how they interact with each other, to accomplish the myriad of cellular pathways that define cellular functions, that in turn, define the function at the organism level. They are designed to explain and elucidate what is happening in the human body. This is a stark contrast to the more common gene tests that generate single gene ‘factoids’ with little relevance to actual human form and function, and therefore have little true clinical value.


Functional genomic profiles add a level of customization to your program that has never before been available.  It provides information that can be crucial to your health journey.


We can influence our genetics immensely using what we now know as epigenetics.  The environment of the gene determines if and how it expresses.  Using the power of epigenetics, we can accelerate healing at the deepest levels of the human body.


For pricing, schedule your free 15-minute Health Discovery Call today!



    Have you ever wondered what role your genes play in your body’s ability to remove harmful toxins effectively?  Do you know what nutrition would work best for your unique genetic blueprint?  How do your genes impact the way you feel, react, and even think.






    Women's health is strongly influenced by their hormones.  We can determine if things like hormone replacement or birth control are safe for you.  Understand your menopause experience. Learn more about things like PCOS, weight loss, infertility, and endometriosis.  Customize your diet, lifestyle, and environment to optimize your hormones.



    Want to know if your DNA is impacting your testosterone, libido, or energy levels?  Wonder if you are at risk for things like male pattern balding or an enlarged prostate?  Maybe your genes are preventing you from putting on muscle or losing fat.  Learn how to eat and live to optimize your hormones!




    This report can help you understand how likely you will be to experience severe complications from COVID and other immune challenges so you can make strategic and proactive health decisions to improve your health.





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About Us

We believe in restoring overall health and well being. The body was designed with an innate intelligence that allows it to heal given what it needs. Symptoms and diseases are your body’s way of screaming for help – a blockage in the flow system. We have the technology that will help you determine just what your body is trying to say to you!

Jennifer is a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner by the AADP (American Association of Drugless Practitioners). She has also been trained in BioEnergetic Medicine, Kinesiology, ​ Bionetics™, and Clinical Whole Food Nutrition.

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